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Catherine Menay

Aca-Concept is a new concept from an innovating education Academy, focused on helping students achieve academic success with the complete collaboration of families, schools and the support of the Qatar Ministry of Education.

After a long professional career as a Project Manager in a large French company and having always been passionate about education in furtherance of this passion, I trained and qualified in Freinet pedagogy, a program delivered by the French Ministry of National Education. The discovery of Montessori practices, reverse pedagogy and the IB program “International Baccalaureate” (qualification as IB administrator of the diploma program) has further developed my determination to diversify learning methods that best suit the students’ needs.

I arrived in Doha in 2009 and have worked first as a teacher, then as Deputy Headmaster and finally as School Headmaster. I acted upon and transmitted my pedagogical beliefs in an engaging multicultural context. Enriched by these qualifications and won over by Qatar’s willingness to develop the field of Education, I wish to promote through the academic support system the codes and values of a supportive pedagogy that is centered on the student. Developing curiosity and self-esteem, unleashing the students’ potential so that they themselves can build the world of tomorrow are in my view the true spearheads of the Aca-Concept project.

Under the benevolence and visionary recommendation of his Excellence Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Aca-Concept is committed to implement all education means and resources for the success of Qatari students. Qatar deserves the best future.

About Us

Aca-Concept is a education Academy striving to help students achieve their academic success with the complete collaboration of families, schools and the support of the Qatar Ministry of Education.. 

We dedicate ourselves to meet individual schooling needs by providing innovative methods and customized tools that students will leverage along their academic skills to build the world of tomorrow. Our mission ourselves to deliver high quality tutoring support that is complementary to the school programs while building close relationships with families.We strive to be the best educational center in Doha helping children break down boundaries.

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Why ACA Concept

Aca-Concept is a center truly dedicated to your children’s success with professional teachers and educators.

Aca-Concept provides your child with all the services necessary for his academic blooming and development.

A diagnostic analysis of the results of your child carried out upstream, will identify his needs and ensure his academic success. Parents will have access to some weekly and monthly follow up reports and will visualize the progress of their child.

Interactions between the center and the school teachers will also provide opportunities to identify any other specific needs.

 Aca-concept is inspired by Montessori, Freinet, alternative pedagogy, reverse class and international Baccalaureate’s methods.

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace

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‘Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but experiences in the environment’


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