A-Levels Homework Assistance Classes


These sessions are based on age and year level, which offers students the help and support they might need to complete school assignments.

A-Levels Homework Assistance Classes


  • Aca Concept Private Tutoring Center provides specialized tutoring services designed to meet the needs of students at A-Levels, an advanced stage of the British General Certificate of Education. Our sessions are age and level-based, enabling us to provide students with the support and assistance they need to ensure they complete school assignments successfully.

Plan of Action:

  • We welcome students of all ages, from 6 years old to adults.

  • We assess students' needs and determine their general levels to provide appropriate support.

  • We collaborate with students to determine their educational and career goals.

  • Each student's needs are analyzed and an individual plan is developed to achieve his or her goals.

  • We offer intensive A-Levels programs lasting over two years.

  • Study sessions focusing on AS subjects are offered in the first year, followed by A2 sessions in the second year.

  • We help students choose subjects according to their future career plans.

  • We provide advice on choosing appropriate materials to achieve students' goals.

  • We provide effective support in completing homework.

  • We adopt technology in the learning process to improve understanding and provide interactive methods.

  • Students' progress is regularly monitored and periodic evaluation is provided to guide them towards improved performance.

  • It allows parents to participate in monitoring their children's progress.

  • If needed, we offer additional help sessions to understand specific topics or overcome specific difficulties.

  • Effective channels of communication are provided to parents to monitor students’ progress.

The importance of A-Level syllabi Homework helps classes

  • A-Levels are key to getting into prestigious universities. Our services help students achieve outstanding performance in these crucial exams.

  • We provide individual consultations to students to choose the optimal subjects according to their plans and career interests.

  • We provide intensive courses and assignment support that help students understand the material deeply and apply it effectively.

  • Providing support in assignments and study sessions contributes to improving students’ performance and increasing their chances of success.

  • Strengthening research, analysis, and problem-solving skills, which are basic skills that students need at the university stage and beyond.