Arabic Hand-Writing Workshop (Calligraphy)


Since the Arabic language uses a unique alphabet in terms of shape and pattern, this workshop is a great opportunity for all those wishing to learn the basics of Arabic calligraphy in various types of fonts such as Naskh, Ruqa’, Thuluth, Kuffi, etc.

Arabic Hand-Writing Workshop (Calligraphy)


  • The Arabic language is a source of pride and cultural heritage and has a long history in the world of artistic Arabic calligraphy. At ACA Concept, we offer an Arabic calligraphy workshop for the age group of 6 years and above, aimed at transmitting the arts of Arabic calligraphy and promoting a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the Arabic language.

Our service:

Workshops to learn the basics of Arabic writing:

  • Interactive lessons aimed at learning basic Arabic letters and words.

  • Stimulating exercises for the development of writing and reading skills.

Calligraphy decoration workshops:

  • Learn the basics of decorating fonts as diverse as copy font and patch font.

  • Training in drawing with traditional types of pens and tools.

Traditional calligraphy workshops:

  • Lessons are dedicated to such traditional lines as Thuluth and kufi.

  • Analyze and interpret the importance of each style and its use in Arabic art.

Creative workshops for adults:

  • For adult participants, we offer creative workshops that encourage the experimentation of advanced artistic styles in Arabic calligraphy.

Workshop features:

  • A professional and experienced training team in Arabic calligraphy arts.

  • Advanced educational resources and high-quality technical materials.

  • Individual and group sessions to ensure interaction and development of personal abilities.

  • The possibility of participating in calligraphy art exhibitions and creative workshops

To enjoy the art of Arabic calligraphy and develop your skills, you can register via our website. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or additional information.