Arabic Language


In our program for speaking the Arabic language, non-native speakers will learn the foundations of spoken Arabic language to make them feel comfortable and confident while dealing with others.

Arabic Language


  • The Arabic language learning program is a rewarding challenge at our “Aca Concept” educational center. The Arabic language ranks sixth in the world in terms of the number of speakers, as it is spoken by approximately 420 million people. Its rich and ancient history makes it a language of enormous cultural and scientific importance.

Program benefits:

  • Through the Arabic Language Learning Program, participants who do not speak Arabic will acquire the basics of spoken Arabic. They will be able to interact comfortably and confidently with others and understand the diverse cultural contexts around the Arabic language.

Information about the program:

  • Ages of participants: from 6 years to adults.


  • First level: 30 hours.

  • Second level: 30 hours.

Content of the Arabic language learning program:

  • Learning basic vocabulary and structures: The program includes studying vocabulary and forming basic sentence structures.

  • Listening and Speaking: The program allows participants to listen to the Arabic language and participate in interactive conversations.

  • Linguistic Culture: The program addresses the cultural aspects of the Arabic language to enhance participants’ understanding of the cultural context.

How does the program contribute to improving the language:

  • Practical exercises: The program includes practical exercises that help participants apply what they have learned in the contexts of their daily lives.

  • Individual follow-up: The program provides individual follow-up to effectively ensure participants' progress and improve their performance.

Please contact us for more information and to register for the Arabic language learning program. We are here at Aca Concept to support you in your educational journey and improve your Arabic language skills.