Arts Workshop


Our Arts workshop is an Introduction to the Fundamental Elements of Art. The course begins by developing an understanding of what Art is.

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  • Release date12/20/2023
Arts Workshop


Welcome to ACA Concept Center, where fun and educational art workshops are offered to develop skills and artistic sense for children and young people. We believe in the importance of developing artistic abilities as an essential part of Personality Development and promoting psychological growth.


Our service:

Painting workshops:

  • Learn the arts of drawing and artistic expression.

  • Develop vision and innovation skills.

Handicraft workshops:

  • A delightful experience for the development of creative abilities.

  • Use diverse materials to create unique works of art.

Plastic arts workshops:

  • Discover the world of sculpture and shaping.

  • Learn molding techniques using various materials.

Talent development workshops:

  • Explore individual artistic talents.

  • Support and guide students towards achieving their full potential.

Age group:

  • We welcome participants from all age groups, starting from 6 years old and up to adults.

Benefits of joining us:

  • Development of creative abilities and self-expression.

  • Strengthen self-confidence through artistic achievements.

  • Provide a stimulating and encouraging learning environment.


Join us on the journey of artistic discovery at ACa concept, where students are encouraged to explore and develop their artistic talents in a fun and inspiring way.