Digital Art Workshop


Through this workshop, the participants will gain the essential skills to create their 2D cartoon characters and to animate them, which leads at the end to develop their short animation film.

  • CategoriesArt
  • Release date12/20/2023
Digital Art Workshop


About the digital art workshop:

The digital art workshop at ACA Concept is an opportunity to discover creativity and expression through the art of animation. This workshop gives you the opportunity to acquire basic skills in creating and animating cartoon characters in a professional style, enabling you to produce a short animated film that expresses your talents and creativity.

Our services:

  • Learn to invent cartoon characters and draw them in a two-dimensional style.

  • Develop the skills of moving characters and add life to them.

  • Assemble story elements and produce an animated short film that expresses your creative vision.

Age group:

Our workshop is open to people of all ages, starting from 6 years old and up. Creativity is not limited to a certain age group; everyone can learn and enjoy the world of animation.

Benefits of joining our workshop:

  • Development of artistic and creative skills.

  • Promote creative and analytical thinking.

  • An opportunity to express oneself in a distinctive and original way.

  • A fun and entertaining learning experience.


The digital art workshop at ACA Concept is not just an opportunity to learn artistic skills; it is a stimulating experience in which creativity and learning are mixed in an inspiring atmosphere. Embark on an animation adventure, discover your artistic abilities, and discover new worlds of imagination and creativity.