English language


In our program for speaking the English language, non-native speakers will learn the foundations of spoken English to make them feel comfortable and confident while dealing with others.

English language


  • Welcome to our premium English language learning program at ACA Concept. We serve individuals of all age groups, from children to adults, who are looking to acquire comprehensive and effective English language skills.

Program information:

  • Age group: from 6 years to adults.

Available levels:

  • A1-1: 40 hours of training.

  • A1-2: 40 hours of training.

  • B1-1: 40 hours of training.

  • B1-2: 40 hours of training.

Why choose our software:

  • Comprehensive Language Basics: Our program provides comprehensive English language basics, with an emphasis on reading, writing, verbal comprehension, and speaking.

  • Diverse program design: Our programs are designed to suit the needs of participants at various levels, from beginners to advanced.

  • Experienced teachers: Our team of teachers provides effective guidance and constant support throughout your learning journey.

  • Interactive and inspiring programs: The programs include interactive and inspiring activities to make the learning process fun and effective.

  • Performance follow-up: Students’ performance is monitored regularly to ensure that the desired results are achieved and the language level improves.

  • Stimulating learning environment: Our program provides a stimulating learning environment that encourages interaction and enhances participants’ desire to achieve progress.

Mechanism of Action:

  • An English language level assessment is conducted for each student to determine their current level.

  • Learning and development goals are determined for each student based on their individual assessment.

  • The English language learning program is designed based on the needs and goals of the students.

  • The curriculum includes reading, writing, verbal comprehension, and speaking to ensure comprehensive language skills development.

  • Experienced and qualified teachers are provided to guide and support students throughout their educational journey.

  • The program includes interactive and inspiring educational activities to motivate participants and enhance their understanding.

  • Students' performance is regularly assessed with evaluation reports provided to measure progress and identify areas for improvement.

  • A supportive learning environment is created that encourages interaction and enhances participants' desire to progress.

  • A final assessment is conducted to ensure that learning objectives are met and to evaluate students' language improvement.

Join us today and enjoy the English language learning experience with our program that specializes in meeting your language needs and achieving your educational goals.