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French Curriculum – Homework Assistance Classes


These sessions are based on age and year level, which offers students the help and support they might need to complete school assignments.

French Curriculum – Homework Assistance Classes


  • Welcome to our educational center, where we offer specialized services based on the French curriculum, focusing on providing the necessary assistance and support to our students to successfully complete their school assignments. Our services are varied to meet the needs of students at different age levels and levels of study.

Our services:

Homework help classes:

  • It offers effective sessions designed to help students successfully complete their homework, using a curriculum compatible with the French curriculum. We aim to provide the necessary support for students to make the most of their educational experience.


The French curriculum:

  • We offer our educational programs according to the French curriculum at various school levels, starting from primary to secondary.

  • The French curriculum includes diverse subjects including languages, mathematics, sciences, arts, history, geography, and others, which helps students acquire comprehensive skills and deep knowledge in various fields.


Brevet National Diploma test:

  • We provide intensive support to students in the preparatory stage, which helps them to prepare well for the Brevet National Diploma Exam in the last third year of the preparatory stage.


Academic guidance:

  • We provide vocational guidance and guidance to students at the end of Secondary School, to help them choose their future academic path, whether it is the general Baccalaureate, technological Baccalaureate, or vocational.

Age group:

Primary school (6-10 years):

  • Subjects: French, mathematics, plastic arts, music, foreign languages, world history, geography, civic education, art history, science and technology.

Preparatory stage (11-14 years):

  • Subjects: technology, French, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (SVT), History, Geography, Civics, mathematics, English, Spanish, German.

Secondary school (15-17 years old):

  • Students follow one of the baccalaureate tracks: general, technological, professional.

We are here at ACA concept to help you achieve your study goals successfully. Contact us today for more information and inquiries.