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French Curriculum Tutoring – Private Courses


We offer courses to help you reach your academic goals and full potential from the convenience of your home, schools, at the center, or online.

French Curriculum Tutoring – Private Courses


  • A specialized educational center that provides integrated educational services aimed at developing and enhancing students ' potential and achieving their academic goals in innovative and effective ways.

  •  Our center seeks to provide a stimulating and inspiring learning environment that contributes to the development of students ' skills and enhances their knowledge of various subjects.

Our services:

The French curriculum:

  • We offer a comprehensive educational program based on the French curriculum for various educational stages, from primary to secondary, to ensure a distinguished and comprehensive education.

Private lessons:

  • We offer specialized private lessons in various subjects, providing an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding and skills in the subjects in which they find a challenge.

Special courses:

  • We offer a variety of courses designed specifically to meet the needs of students and help them achieve their academic and professional goals. These courses include a variety of subjects including mathematics, science, languages, and others

Age group:

  • Our services are available for children from 6 years old and up to adults.

Additional information:

Primary school:

  • It consists of five years from first grade through fifth grade, in which students learn a variety of subjects including French, mathematics, plastic arts, and others.

Preparatory stage:

  • It consists of four years from sixth through ninth grade, and includes subjects such as technology, French, physics, chemistry, and others.

Secondary school:

  • Students attend high school for three years, and are directed at the end of the tenth grade to various tracks including the general, technological and vocational baccalaureate.

We at the "ACA concept" educational center are committed to provide a distinctive educational experience that helps students achieve their full potential and succeed in their academic and professional path. Join us today to start an inspiring and fruitful educational journey