French language


In our program for speaking the French language, non-native speakers will learn the foundations of spoken French to make them feel comfortable and confident while dealing with others.

French language


  • Aca Concept, the leading educational center for learning the French language. We are proud to offer the French language learning program, a comprehensive and advanced program for teaching French, targeting various age groups from 6 years old to adults.

  • The program includes different levels to ensure an inspiring and integrated learning experience.

Mechanism of Action:

  • Participants begin by enrolling in the “Aka Concept” program and undergo an initial assessment to determine their current level of French.

  • Participants are divided into groups according to their current levels, with groups for beginners (A1) and intermediate levels (B1).

  • AKA Concept uses a comprehensive educational curriculum that includes basics and advanced levels.

  • The French language is taught by specialized and experienced teachers in language teaching.

  • Courses are divided into specific periods, for example, each level is offered in a 40-hour course.

  • Technology is integrated into the educational process using modern teaching aids and online platforms.

  • Participants have opportunities to participate in cultural activities, which contribute to enhancing their interaction with the French language and culture.

  • It organizes interactive workshops and training sessions to enhance language skills and improve language interaction.

  • Participants' progress is periodically evaluated and the educational course is adjusted according to their needs.

  • Participants who complete the program receive certificates of completion that are a valuable addition to their educational record.

The importance of the French language learning program:

  • The French Language Learning Program allows participants to learn the French language, which is widely used as an official language in many countries and international organizations. This promotes international communication and cultural understanding.

  • French is considered an official language in many international institutions and companies. It allows participants to acquire language skills that enhance their opportunities in the labor market.

  • It helps participants improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in French, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively.

  • The program encourages participation in cultural activities and interactive workshops, which enhances cultural interaction and opens the doors to cultural understanding.