Italian language


In our program for speaking the Italian language, non-native speakers will learn the foundations of spoken Italian to make them feel comfortable and confident while dealing with others.

Italian language


  • The Italian language learning program from ACA Concept Center in Qatar is considered a distinguished destination for learning languages ​​effectively and enjoyably. We pride ourselves on offering carefully designed learning programs for students who want to acquire new language skills and understand the wonderful culture of Italy.

Information about the Italian language learning program:

We offer comprehensive Italian language learning programs for different levels, from beginners to advanced. Programs include hands-on exercises and interactive activities.

Ages of participants: from 6 years to adults.


  • Level A1-1: 40 educational hours.

  • Level A1-2: 40 educational hours.

  • B1-1 level: 40 educational hours.

  • Level B1-2: 40 educational hours.

Our working mechanism

  • An assessment is conducted for each student to determine their current level of Italian and to adjust the program to their individual needs.

  • Students are registered in the program based on their assessment and are allocated to appropriate levels according to their language levels.

  • Participants are presented with theoretical encounters including grammar and vocabulary to understand linguistic basics.

  • Practical exercises are used aimed at improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

  • Encourages active participation through interactive activities such as group conversations and language games.

  • Continuous assessment is undertaken to determine students' progress, providing individual feedback and adjusting the program according to individual learning needs.

Why ACA Concept

  • Professional Training Team: Our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching the Italian language.

  • Carefully designed programs: Comprehensively enhance language skills through our integrated programs.

  • Stimulating learning environment: We encourage interaction and active participation to enhance the learning experience.

Get ready for a unique learning journey and get the language basics that will help you speak Italian with confidence. Contact us today for reservations and more information.