Manga Workshop


Manga art ( cartoon characters art) is one of the arts that is very popular today among kids and adults, as, any of them seek to acquire the necessary skills to create their characters or to draw their beloved ones from the cartoon world.

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  • Release date12/20/2023
Manga Workshop


  • Manga art is considered one of the most famous arts in the world of cartoons and cartoons, and is very popular among children and young people at the moment. ACA concept manga art workshop aims to provide participants with the basic skills and techniques of drawing cartoon characters, starting from the first basics up to advanced levels.

Contents of the manga art workshop program:

  • Learn the basics of cartoon drawing: you will learn the basics of drawing and the first steps to create your own cartoon characters.

  • Developing drawing skills: with the guidance of our professional artists, you will be able to develop your drawing skills and improve your abilities to create distinctive manga characters.

  • Cartoon character composition: we will focus on the composition and design of characters in a unique and distinctive manga style.

Age group:

  • The ACA concept workshop is designed for all ages, from 6 years old to adults.

Program features:

  • Individual guidance from professional manga artists.

  • Various educational materials and interactive content.

  • A creative and supportive learning environment.

  • An opportunity to get acquainted with similar art lovers and exchange experiences.


Join ACA concept manga art workshop, discover your artistic talent and develop your skills in drawing iconic cartoon characters. In our center you will find a stimulating and supportive learning environment, where you can learn and develop with confidence and creativity.