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National Curriculum in England Individual classes


For the students in need of individual support at the center or at their homes with qualified teachers who will provide customized and pre-defined educational services.

National Curriculum in England Individual classes


Welcome to ACA Concept, a leading education center, where we are committed to providing distinguished and effective educational services to students based on the National Curriculum of England. Our center aims to meet students' needs and enhance their educational experience through one-on-one classes and individual support at the center or even in their homes.

Program information:


  • Providing individual educational classes.

  • Qualified teachers provide pre-scheduled support.

Support at the center and home:

  • Support in the educational center.

  • Home educational services.


  • Adoption of the national curriculum in England.

  • Covering a variety of subjects at the primary and secondary levels.

Certificates and courses:

  • IGCSE and A Levels at secondary levels.

  • Age group:

  • For students from 6 years old to adults.


  • They are adopting international certificates to evaluate academic achievement.

Why choose our software:

Individualized learning experience: One-to-one classes with qualified teachers to ensure individual attention and effectiveness in learning.

Diversity of support: Support options at the center or home to meet the needs of each individual student.

Adoption of the National Curriculum: Adoption of the National Curriculum in England to ensure quality education and achieve the highest educational standards.

Preparation for international certificates: Providing specialized programs to study the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A Levels.

Flexibility of the age group: educational services suitable for age groups from 6 years to adults with various programs.

Stimulating learning environment: Building an effective learning environment that encourages interaction and enhances academic achievement.

Interactive and fun educational programs: Designing educational programs that combine interactivity and fun to make the learning process interesting and motivating.

Orientation towards excellence: Providing intensive support to prepare students for exams and achieve academic excellence.

International Certificates: Accrediting international certificates to enhance students’ opportunities for higher education and professional futures