Qatar Curriculum – Individual Classes


For the students in need of individual support at the center or at their homes with qualified teachers who will provide customized and pre-defined educational services.

Qatar Curriculum – Individual Classes


"ACA concept" offers a unique educational approach that focuses on meeting the individual needs of students of the Qatar curriculum through individual classes, both at the center and in their homes, by qualified teachers. We are committed to providing customized and pre-defined educational services to enhance student achievement and develop their abilities.

Information about Qatar curriculum courses:

Primary School (6 years):

Grades: I, II, III, IV, V, VI.

Subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computing, Information Technology, Islamic education.

Preparatory stage (3 years):

Grades: seventh, eighth, ninth.

Subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, History of Qatar, social studies, Computing, Information Technology, Islamic education.

Secondary School (3 years):

Grades: tenth, eleventh, twelfth.


  • The path of literature and humanities.

  • Scientific path.

  • The path of technology.

Subjects: Include Arabic, English, Science, Mathematics, Islamic education, and specialized subjects according to the track.

Target age:

From 6 years old to adults, we offer our services for all educational stages.

Why choose "ACA CONCEPT"?

  • We are proud to offer Qatar's distinguished educational curricula that meet the needs of students and match the requirements of modern education.

  • At "ACA concept" we offer individual classes to ensure effective orientation and provide the necessary personal support to each student.

  • Our team is made up of experienced and competent teachers, who contribute to providing a stimulating and quality learning experience.

  • We offer multiple courses of study at the primary, preparatory and secondary levels to meet the interests and needs of students.

  • We use the latest technology and educational resources to provide a dynamic and sophisticated learning environment.

  • We strive to promote the overall development of students, including academic, social and personal aspects.

  • We provide flexibility in the schedule to meet the needs of students and provide comfort for families.