Turkish language


In our program for speaking the Turkish language, non-native speakers will learn the foundations of spoken Turkish to make them feel comfortable and confident while dealing with others.

Turkish language


  • Welcome to Aca Concept, the leading educational center for learning the Turkish language.

  • We offer our distinctive program that aims to enhance participants' Turkish language skills and provide a unique learning experience.

Why you should learn the Turkish language:

  • Turkish is considered one of the major languages in the world and is characterized by being a rich and diverse cultural language. It is spoken by approximately 80 to 90 million people around the world and is the national language of Turkey and Northern Cyprus. The Turkish alphabet is clear and easy to understand, making it ideal for learning.

Mechanism of Action:

  • We provide a comprehensive educational program for learning the Turkish language, targeting different age groups from 6 years old to adults. The program includes various levels to ensure an inspiring and integrated learning experience.

Age group:

  • From 6 years to adults.


  • A1-1: 40 academic hours.

  • A1-2: 40 academic hours.

  • B1-1: 40 academic hours.

  • B1-2: 40 academic hours.

Features of the Turkish language program:

  • Teaching by teachers with experience in teaching the Turkish language.

  • A comprehensive curriculum that includes basics and advanced levels.

  • Using modern educational methods and distance learning technology.

  • Opportunities to participate in cultural activities and interactive workshops.

Benefits of learning Turkish with us:

  • Increase confidence in speaking and communicating in Turkish.

  • The Turkish language learning program provides the basics of the spoken language for beginners.

  • Possibility of engaging in effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

Join Aca Concept enjoy the journey of learning the Turkish language, and acquire language skills that open new doors for communication and cultural understanding.