A-Levels Tutoring- Private Courses


We offer courses to help you reach your academic goals and full potential from the convenience of your home, schools, at the center, or online.

A-Levels Tutoring- Private Courses


  • We offer a comprehensive package of (academic courses) to support students’ journey towards academic success. Our services combine high benefit and flexibility, to provide an effective and advanced learning environment, where students can make the most of their potential and achieve the best grades in the comfort of their homes, at the center, or online. Join us on the journey of excellence and prepare for a bright future in the world of education.

Plane of Action:

  • Students are greeted and given basic information about Aca Concept services.

  • The educational team works to set personalized goals for each student based on their interests and future directions.

  • An individual study program is designed that includes A-level subjects and suits the student's career plan.

  • It offers live lessons including AS subjects in the first year and A2 subjects in the second year.

  • Students receive guidance support to choose subjects that suit their career plans.

  • The course includes extensive test preparation with reviews and practical exercises.

  • Students' progress is monitored regularly and the necessary motivation and support are provided.

  • Additional support sessions are provided for students who need improvement and development.

  • Constant communication is maintained with students and parents through a periodic reporting and evaluation system to ensure a successful academic experience.

The importance of A-Levels curricula. Private lessons - private courses

  • It opens doors to professional opportunities for students, as obtaining A-Levels is a prestigious certificate that enhances employment and advancement opportunities in various fields.

  • It encourages the development of research, analysis, and writing skills, which contributes to the development of students’ academic and professional capabilities.

  • It allows customizing a study path that suits students' interests and career aspirations.

  • Providing the A-Levels program is a crucial step for students wishing to enroll in prestigious universities.