Cartoon Character Design program


In this program, the attendee will go through many steps and experiences that will help him/her discover his/her skills, creativity, and even his/herself again.

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  • Release date12/20/2023
Cartoon Character Design program


  • ACA concept offers cartoon character design programs in an integrated and unique way in Doha. We are the only center that offers this program in an integrated way, starting from the first step to the end.

Contents of cartoon character design programs :

In this program, the trainee will take part in an exciting adventure that will take him to a new creative world. He will learn to analyze and dissect cartoon characters, and you will go through multiple steps and experiments that will help him discover his skills and creativity our program includes:


  • Analysis and study of characters: trainees will begin their journey with an analytical study of various cartoon characters, which will help them understand the basics of design and expression.

  • Creativity and design: participants go through multiple design experiments that help them apply what they have learned and highlight their creative abilities.

  • Practical application: trainees will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practical projects, be it Comics, comic films, or any other media that need to design characters.

  • Evaluation and feedback: participants will receive periodic evaluation and feedback that will help them develop their skills and improve their performance.

Program features:

  • A comprehensive and integrated education that starts from the beginning stage and reaches the level of professionalism.

  • Opportunities for practical application of school concepts.

  • Individual guidance and support from specialized trainers.

  • A variety of activities and experiments to develop design skills and creativity.

  • A stimulating learning environment that encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

At ACA concept, we believe that every person carries within him the ability to create and Excel, and the cartoon character design program aims to direct and develop these abilities. Join us today and start your journey towards the world of cartoon creativity and design.