CBSE Curriculum – Group Classes


Small groups of tutoring with individualized follow-up in the center (lessons can also be arranged in schools or in the privacy of your home).

CBSE Curriculum – Group Classes


  • At ACA Concept Education Center, we offer a range of diverse services to ensure maximum benefit for our students, with a special focus on the CBSE Indian curriculum and group classes.

Our services:

1. Private lessons with individual follow-up:

  • We offer specialized tutoring for our students, where they receive assistance and personal guidance to improve their understanding and performance in various subjects.

  • The benefit consists in one-on-one interaction with specialized teachers who provide the necessary support and guidance for success.

2. Classes at the center:

  • Students can join small group classes at the center, where they learn in an interactive and supportive environment.

  • Qualified teachers offer interactive lessons that encourage participation and stimulate deep understanding of the material.

3. Arrange lessons at school or at home:

  • In addition to classes at the center, we can arrange educational sessions in schools or at students ' homes, according to their individual needs and schedules.

4. Support for the CBSE curriculum:

  • We are keen to provide the necessary support to our students in the CBSE Indian curriculum, which ensures a deep understanding and excellent assimilation of the material.

5. Age group:

  • We welcome students of all ages, from 6 years old to adults, to offer them the right support and guidance for their educational paths.



Please note that the secondary level of ninth and tenth grades as well as Eleventh and twelfth grades are covered by the CBSE Indian curriculum, including the science track and the business management track.


At the ACA concept center, we strive to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment that helps students successfully achieve their educational and professional goals. Visit us today for more information or to register.