French Curriculum – Individual Classes


For the students in need of individual support at the center or at their homes with qualified teachers who will provide customized and pre-defined educational services.

French Curriculum – Individual Classes


  • ACA concept center is your ideal destination for personal education and academic development. We believe in the importance of providing individual and personalized support to each student, in order to achieve their maximum potential and success in their educational journey.

Our services:

Individual support

  • We offer individual support services for students who need additional assistance in their studies. Our qualified teachers can provide specialized and predefined educational services, both at the center and in students ' homes.

The French curriculum

  • Our center offers individual classes based on the French curriculum of Education. We provide support for all educational stages, including:

  1. Primary school (first to fifth grade)

  2. Preparatory stage (sixth to ninth grade)

  3. High School (Class X to Class XII)

Teaching materials

  • We support a variety of educational materials according to the French curriculum, including:

  1. French language

  2. Mathematics

  3. Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

  4. History and geography

  5. Philosophy

  6. Civic education

  7. Foreign languages (English, Spanish, German)

Preparation for exams

  • We help students prepare for the Brevet national diploma exams at the end of the preparatory stage, the baccalauréat exams at the end of the secondary stage.

Age group:

  • Our services are available for children from 6 years old and up to adults.

Feel free to contact us at ACA concept for more information about our services or to schedule a consultation session with our specialist teachers.